Monday, 23 July 2007


"Arabic Calligraphy Throughout the Ages"

As a decoration and art form Arabic calligraphy has evolved during the last millennium, continuing to flourish in the modern Arabic speaking world. Using traditional skills, bamboo pens and special inks, skilled Arabic calligraphers and designers still play an important role in communications, design and art on an international scale. Time honoured calligraphic styles like Ruq'a, Naskhi, Ta'liq, Diwani, Thuluth and Kufic remain core, but Arabic calligraphers today are reaching new heights of excellence.

The first design is a sentence, all combined in one design. The most thing I like is how the words had fitted together to show quite a strong image that says "Arabic Calligraphy Throughout the Ages."
The second image is quite ineligible to read the whole. I could read few words but can't really know what it really shows. Maybe, its not supposed to show the words...its only showing the beauty of the calligraphy with a shocking colorful background. The third image is written "Mulkat Allah" as God's owns. The blue shading is the thing that attracted me, the use of one color fading to show the words.

Was always keen on the Arabic typography but never know how to present it in the West. Arabic isn't an international language as English, it is much complicated and one of the hardest languages to learn.

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