Saturday, 21 July 2007


When I got cross this ad, I understand it immediately. But some people who wrote their comments didn't. For us to be in this design industry we will come across people that we have to show them and point out for them what an ad or a design article means.

In this ad that came from AD Plus in Syria, shows that "Real creativity begins amidst other great ideas." You stop here and think about one simple design brief was given to us to work on by the university. How many ideas that came to our minds, how many times have we changed the poster; logo; typeface or even the color as simple as that.

People on other fields do not really understand, that every time we change the background color from Black to White it gives another statement and in a second another idea pops into our minds. So all that light bulbs in one huge bulb and only few that shines for the designer creativity.

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