Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Persian Carpet

A very ancient history Persian Carpet, been in the family for over 100 years. When my great grandfather brought it to the family house and with all these years; my father inherited it.
Its a very old rug, that my grandmother - bless her - used to have it in her kitchen, not caring for its value. The colors had faded by the years, I quite don't understand why my parents still keep it in the house. Till someone offered few grants for it, yes for this unworthily piece of rug its value is so high in the market.

Why?! I was so confused when my father got that offer and some family members wants to get it. Like, what with this carpet!! There is other beautiful Persian carpets in the house, old and new all hand made; of course they cost quite a lot. Especially the silk ones. But this, come on!

So, my mission today is to give it a close look that I never paid any attention for it. First view, a boarder that structure it and some stuff in the middle. I saw some birds, houses, tree branches and my favourite the camels.

Persian carpets is an essential part of Persian art and culture. Carpet-weaving is undoubtedly one of the most distinguished manifestations of Persian culture and art, and dates back to the Ancient Persia (c.3,500 BC).

Pop into my mind, Design theory classes -they do have a meaning now- design, motifs and patterns. The repeated boarder with different colors to enrich the design, the symmetrical items balancing the design layout for the carpet. If I was bored enough, I would try the golden section. But maybe later I will be laying on the floor with the tools. I'm positive sure, it has the golden ratio.

For now, let's wish the time I will inherit this carpet it should be worth more. Fingers crossed!!!

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