Friday, 24 August 2007

Beko, Very Quite

I find this advert quite amusing, I didn't understand at first it took me awhile. The background is so quite and the colors used in the shot really shows how silent the room is.

Here, I'm amazed how can some colors represents action or silent. Then your eyes notice that piece of carpet with striking lines and again the silence again. Your eyes will even notice the vacuum cleaner the star of the advert. How it is shaped like a music note and then you understand the whole advert for it.

The small print says, "Beko is very quite".

It is really quite and a good advert I would say.

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Michelle Almond said...

Really great ad for a vacuum cleaner. I got the treble clef as soon as I saw it... but then the lines on the carpet... fantastic! Great use of space and the visual and the strap-line work really well together.