Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Chemung Tech

"Yeah, ok, so I'm nuts. Big surprise to those who have made it this far without figuring that out. I use it for good instead of evil, though, and I done good, too.

I got myself in the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Tribune (three times for anyone who is keeping score), the Elgin Daily Courier, the Rockford Register Star, the Northwest Herald, WTTW (Chicago's public television station for you out of district folks), and WGN the Superstation (c'mon, you had to have heard of that one).
Even got my stuff shown in a couple of galleries including Gallery 451 in Rockford, IL, Follies Gallery in Galena, IL, The Thompson Center in Chicago, IL, the Step Above Gallery in Washington D.C., and one in Toronto that I forgot the name of.

I also got invited to show in some colleges and, well heck, that ought to give you an idea of what I can do with a little bot of effort and a big ol' pocketful of the "you bet I cans." Now quit reading this and buy something. You've got better things to do, you know."

1. Signs of creative life: the door to Dale Sinderson's shop.
2. A quirky roadside surprise awaits you on route 173 in Harvard, Illinois. Artist Dale Sinderson's "Chemung Tech" is filled with his carvings, yard art and other unique creations.
3. Yard art: little green men, red snails and smirking cows.
4. The artists shows off his "mini town".
Gnomes, you no longer welcome in the backyard anymore, Dale's comics are conquering the garden. "Take me back home." They shout out! It's better to let you read about his biography from what he wrote than what I write about Dale Sinderson.
Chemung Tech website:

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