Sunday, 19 August 2007

Tea bags

A model which has a “tea bag” in his mouth. I am sure that the designer had no idea what tea bagging was. Who are they targeting ? Stupid people who eat tea bags?
So the concept is, its really good you will eat every part of it. Fine, nice thought but still execution sucks which took everything down the drain. And blue is not your color for tea, I would use white if I am running away from hot colors!! If you did not notice that the packaging and the background is the same shade of blue.

I vote this poster as the most hideous poster I've ever seen in my life, this company needs a new creative people to use! And what's with that DUDE, thinking he is so tough and a model!

I can't stop pointing how wrong this advert is, very wrong!

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Natalie said...

you're right, this advert is ridiculous and the guy looks creepy.