Thursday, 2 August 2007


Why them? Why these creatures are so popular? I didn't know who they are till my little cousin who is one year old was humming their song "bloo bloo bloo loop looo bloo" he was singing and dancing by his own. Apparently I discovered the song actually says "Here We Go Loop Loo" had to download it while I was babysitting him. The awful part, I was supposed to dance around with him or he will feel humiliated.

Here it brings me to this question! What attracts children? They are young, fragile, smart but how to convince them that these cartoonish colored characters are right for them to watch? We always try to convince grown ups in marketing our branding or logos or whatever we do. But how can we convince children? How can we go into their little brains and know what they like and don't?

Don't you ever think every child likes cartoons! They have some cartoons they do like and some they don't. Some don't even watch cartoons; yes I came across a 2 years child who doesn't like watching cartoons or touching soft toys!!

Again, if we feel prepared to conquered an adult's brain; can we do it with children? How can we? Not all bright colors attracts them or the songs to use? What is it then?

Tweenies, they are scary creatures; have no idea why a child will like them anyways!

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