Saturday, 8 September 2007

Diesel - Global warming

Comment #1:
Diesel is exploiting global warming for for business purposes. It is ignorant of you to think foul of a company doing so if they are in fact working on reducing their environment impact. The real question that you should be raising is what is Diesel doing as a company to reduce their environmental impact? Are they using more organic material? In order for global warming to really be taken on, it has to be recognized as profitable. It’s not like all these business are just going to stop because of global warming. Would not it be a good thing if a company, like Diesel, saw an opportunity in global warming to reach an ever growing market of greener customers by reducing their environmental impact?

Comment #2:
These ads are awful. Diesel is exploiting the problem of global warming for advertising and business purposes. Its making global warming seem cool and fashionable - like hey, if we destroy the environment, then it’ll be like the Bahamas all the time! This is misleading and horrifying.

Do you agree on Diesel using Global warming effects when the whole world trying to reduce its impact by promoting their new range of summer clothes?

Well, its not called Diesel without a reason.

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Natalie said...

Ethically, these adverts are terrible... but what do you expect from a clothing company like diesel.

However i do think they have been executed well, they look quite realistic and placing models next to iconic imagery is quite an interesting effect. I especially like the photograph of the parrots.

But diesel should not be exploiting the issue of global warming just to sell a few more pairs of already ripped, paint splattered jeans.