Monday, 3 September 2007


In the past two days, this advert is everywhere in the media around Bahrain. It appeared it wasn't only in Bahrain it is even in UAE and Kuwait.
Every newspaper and when I was driving today on the highway the only thing I saw in the whole way was continuous billboard of this advert. And I don't know what is it exactly!

Found the website which it is only teasing us the public.


Ad Blog said...

Nice to see you featured the new Zain brand on your blog.

I am the founder of and I have noticed that maybe you've been re-blogging some of our site posts ... GREAT!

But, please, could you give us credit by putting in a link that says 'Via AdBlogArabia' or Via 'mediaME'?

That's what I'm going to do now with your Zain post... link to you!

Moey said...

see that

Ahmed Qandil said...

i did not like the logo at. i think i can design a logo and come with a philosophical theory about it, and convince anybody body about it. i think that what happened with the arab bank and MTC.