Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Biggest ad poster in the world

And where will that be? Except in the land that is trying too much to show themselves upon the whole world; Dubai, UAE. Its a campaign from Sorouh estate, the size of the poster is 20,000 square meter. The idea of it is for charity and its to collect one million faces and for every face that uploads the company will donate $1 to the UAE Red Crescent. By the end of this campaign they will donate $1 million dollars.
To upload your own face is by going on this website; http://www.sorouhfaces.com/
Got the news from Mr. Farrukh Naeem Blog an award advertising copywriter. You can find the full article in his website.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Branding Challenges -FutureBrand-

Still reading the study that FutureBrand did for the Arabian Region market that have been developing widely in the estate market. They have stated branding challenges in the Arabian Region which they it is a saturated marketplace.

The challenges and problems are;

1. Creating and launching a new brand and building awareness despite the clutter.

2. Determining whether a brand should franchise to other locations.

3. Responding to increased competition from new developments.

4. Establishing whether a new development phase requires a new brand.

5. Fixing a declining project image that is negatively affecting sales and investor interest.

6. Creating and enforcing brand and marketing guidelines for third party developers and vendors.

7. Establishing a customer affinity program.

8. Developing a long-term cram approach to help close the gap between purchase and handover.

9. Assessing marketing plans to determine if media spend is being strategically considered.

10. Creating a compelling sales center that delivers a branded experience.

11. Launching an internal branding program to ensure that employees are ambassadors of the brand.

12. Creating a compelling way finding system.

FutureBrand New Study

While checking FutureBrand website to know who is the company and what they exactly do. In their website I requested to get the Gulf Real Estate Study about the Arabian Region talking about UAE -Abu Dhabi and Dubai-, Qatar and Bahrain developments in the estate market. I find the study is very helpful regarding my dissertation topic.

In the study about Branding Real Estate it says;

Many development professional still think of branding as superficial window dressing or simply a logo that gets created moments before sending a brochure to print. While this may be the norm for some companies, it is certainly not the benchmark for what a brand is or what it can do.

Since each developer and each development has its own objectives, priorities, challenges and business issues, each branding situation is unique. Simply broadcasting your message or spending healthy amount on media will not guarantee success, especially as the market matures. Part of the skill of branding is knowing which approach is best suited to the specific situation, how to create a connection with target customers and how best to help companies stand out against the crowded playing field.

The study can be find in Futurebrand website.

Orange 'Home'

A very beautiful commercial by Orange. Using simple stuff like cushions, books, a sofa to create objects like a phone.

I like Orange adverts and I think this one really worked to put a smile on your face.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Sony Bravia Rabbits

The amount of effort was done in this advert is huge and it does show that it took them weeks to film it only. Using clay to make rabbits from all colors. And the start of it is such amazing.

A wonderful advert by Sony!

Sunday, 14 October 2007


Being a CEO in the age of 29 years, is very impressing. Maybe its time to start wearing this Wonderbra for help to find a good job after graduating!!

Blood Under The Door

This communication was targeted at college hostels and PGs in areas around MG road. The exercise was conducted a week before the Horror Film Festival at Rex Theater. The target group comprised film buffs, who look forward to film festival and enjoy horror films the most.

These transparent sheets printed with red color were slipped under the door, to make it seem like blood was 'seeping' under the door. The exercise was a huge success. All the shows were completely sold out. Moreover, after the Festival, college students used the device to play a prank on unsuspecting friends!

New Homes, delivered.

We are always used to see IKEA's home adverts to be stylized and extraordinary images or way to promote it. This time, Home Centre - a furniture chain shops in the Middle East Region - comes to the market with a new warm home feeling concept.

The furniture comes in a delivery box and you can see the seal and the recycle symbol and even the bar code to show the cardboard box more noticeable. I like the idea and concept behind it that makes it more settled and an ideal home to live in.

The advertising agency behind it is The Classic Partnership in Dubai.

Via: AdBlogArabia

D&AD Workshop

Have been posting about D&AD in the last posts, but I like this advert for one of their workshops asking "Want to get into advertising?"
And having a small yellow ladder to the big one to help you to get into the advertising; helping you to get through the first step to the big world by having workshops to meet all these creative directors to meet and ask all kind of questions. Another great work by them.

D&AD; For Excellence, For Education, For Enterprise and not for profit.

40 years

While waiting for the D&AD briefs to come out, I spot this ad that was in The Economist. Celebrating 40 years of Design & Advertising by showing the yellow pencil chopped and there is 40 round rings to show the age of it like the knowing the estimate of the tree age by counting its rings.

One of the many good ads for D&AD.

Yellow Pencil

We all are well aware with the D&AD Yellow Pencil logo, but coming across to the new advertising company based in Kuwait called Pencil Advertising logo. It was not hard to spot how similar are the two logos. Even that it has the same 3D effect of a pencil, it is not something that we can "WOW" it to see it.

The new company ad is about strengthen your brand with Pencil Advertising, although the people behind that work are all Western. So I'm quite sure they have an idea about the D&AD and they had only copycat their design.
Reference: AdBlogArabia

Penguin Celebration

As I have came back to the UK and went into different bookstores to look for books that might be useful to help me by this year. What caught my eyes every time is the Penguin books' covers that had changed either to orange, green, purple, pink or blue. A complete set of 36 books that you can have hold of them in any bookstore or on the Penguin Books website.

After investigating about it, it appeared that Penguin Books won Publisher of the Year 2007 at the British Book Awards in May, which the event demanded a bit of a celebration. To mark the occasion, they've produced a strictly limited run of collect able "Penguin Celebrations", lusciously redesigned in six colours, a beautiful homage to the much-loved, classic 'stripey' Penguin paperbacks of yesteryear. There's Orange for fiction. Green for mystery. Pink for distant lands. Light Blue for big ideas. Purple for viewpoints and Dark Blue for real lives. With authors from Zadie Smith to Paul Theroux to Donna Tartt all these books are modern classics in the making.

A great tool to change their book covers and to show the world that they are picked to be the best publisher of the year 2007.