Sunday, 14 October 2007

Penguin Celebration

As I have came back to the UK and went into different bookstores to look for books that might be useful to help me by this year. What caught my eyes every time is the Penguin books' covers that had changed either to orange, green, purple, pink or blue. A complete set of 36 books that you can have hold of them in any bookstore or on the Penguin Books website.

After investigating about it, it appeared that Penguin Books won Publisher of the Year 2007 at the British Book Awards in May, which the event demanded a bit of a celebration. To mark the occasion, they've produced a strictly limited run of collect able "Penguin Celebrations", lusciously redesigned in six colours, a beautiful homage to the much-loved, classic 'stripey' Penguin paperbacks of yesteryear. There's Orange for fiction. Green for mystery. Pink for distant lands. Light Blue for big ideas. Purple for viewpoints and Dark Blue for real lives. With authors from Zadie Smith to Paul Theroux to Donna Tartt all these books are modern classics in the making.

A great tool to change their book covers and to show the world that they are picked to be the best publisher of the year 2007.

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