Sunday, 21 October 2007

Branding Challenges -FutureBrand-

Still reading the study that FutureBrand did for the Arabian Region market that have been developing widely in the estate market. They have stated branding challenges in the Arabian Region which they it is a saturated marketplace.

The challenges and problems are;

1. Creating and launching a new brand and building awareness despite the clutter.

2. Determining whether a brand should franchise to other locations.

3. Responding to increased competition from new developments.

4. Establishing whether a new development phase requires a new brand.

5. Fixing a declining project image that is negatively affecting sales and investor interest.

6. Creating and enforcing brand and marketing guidelines for third party developers and vendors.

7. Establishing a customer affinity program.

8. Developing a long-term cram approach to help close the gap between purchase and handover.

9. Assessing marketing plans to determine if media spend is being strategically considered.

10. Creating a compelling sales center that delivers a branded experience.

11. Launching an internal branding program to ensure that employees are ambassadors of the brand.

12. Creating a compelling way finding system.


Nic said...

arguably the most cluttered area in the region but worse off the most homogenous...

being restricted to artists impressions which all look similair and being linguistically identical, almost always using words like 'luxury' and 'exclusive' it is the worst category in the region...

But then again, when the real estate industry has no place to go but up, why would a marketing director take a risk anyway? Any success real estate has had in this region has been in no part related to orginal strategy or creative work...

Good to meet a fellow blogger Nada!

Reem said...


they've been re-branding a lot!

Durrat Al Bahrain recently re-branded, it sorta looks like a ying-yang or the sony ericsson logo but in yellow and blue.... their launch and giveaways were great (a dvd camcorder :) and cufflinks in the shape of their logo, which is ok... it's not THAT obvious so it's actually a useful gift)

funny thing was bahrain islamic bank.... like 2 months after mtc re-branded to zain using colors like black, aqua and purple... bahrain islamic bank.. or BisB as they're now called... have used purple white and aqua...

so that seems to be the new trend sadly... no real identity... and if u look at that image... aren't they all just blue??? or a shade of blue? COME ON!