Saturday, 8 September 2007

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Blogs Make Tech Impact: 78% of Tech Journalists Read Them

Ten percent of tech journalists report that changes in social medial have dramatically impacted they way they work, indicating, "I feel as if I have a new job now," according to recent research from Fusion PR.

Seventy-eight percent of tech bloggers say they read blogs, 31% say they regard bloggers as credible sources, and 67% say they cite bloggers in their articles. Forty-nine percent read between one and three blogs, and the majority of tech journalists read blogs several times a day.
Other findings:

* 40% of tech journalists say social media has impacted their stories and the way they cover news.

* 35% of tech journalists say they maintain their own blog.

* The majority of tech journalists turn to search engines to research companies and trends.

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