Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Brand Camp

At term time, I'm very sure that everyone gone through this circle of not knowing what does the brief really wants or needs. Have you ever gone through various tutors with only one work of design you have done? And all of them had different opinions? That you had changed every single color, angle, background, idea, concept, type, font etc? Not having a clue who is right and which tutor you should follow his guidance? Which tutor that will take you to the Holly Path of Design?

I'm sure we all suffered from the various of opinions and the mood changes of the faculty.

Just a way to tell you: "You are not alone".

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Claire said...

These really made me smile. I think I will have to print it out and stick it and mount it above my desk for next time I am feeling a bit confused.

The illustrations themselves have an interesting style to them. They feel more like suggestions of a scene from memory than a recording of it, in that way they fit the text perfectly.