Saturday, 8 September 2007

Thank you!

I would like to thank AdBlogArabia, MediaMe and I like advertising for their blogs and posts that I've been collecting from them. Not to mention all the other sites that I can't really indicate who they are; thanks for the search engine Google.

AdBlogArabia and MediaMe had posted many advertising and marketing campaigns that were held in the Middle East. That I was fascinated and had kept an eye on it to enrich my knowledge about the Middle Eastern advertising. Funny, how the Admin was looking at my own little humble student's blog, have no idea how he got here!

Thank you sir for enlightening me!


Shants said...

hey nada, good site. chanced upon it. am a copy group head with a leading agency in dubai. here's looking forward to more. cheers, shanty (

Ad Blog said...

Hello Nada... thanks for the lovely post!

I hope we sent you some traffic from AdBlogArabia!

I'll answer you soon about how to link back to a source, so you can link your readers to our sites and your other sources. This will build your relations with these site owners who will link back to you and send you traffic.

Good luck with your blog and

Nada said...


I did the link, it was easy but I never spot it before.

Thank you for the encouraging words!