Friday, 3 August 2007


I like this poster because I didn't read what it said at first, the first thing I saw was a bulb then my brain switched to see a hanging robe.
Then when you read it, it says:
"Ordinary bulbs are killing the environment. Just one simple act on your part can stop the climate crisis: switch to Compact Fluorescent Lamps."



Chris O said...

Think this is a really neat and tidy message and a good piece of design, Before reading what was said, my brain saw the rope, then the lightbulb, and then the message almost flowed without having to even read anything. Rather labelling it as 'clever' I would just say 'simple'.

hannah smithies said...

a simple idea of using one thing which can also be interpreted as another, making the connection and then evolving into a simple clean cut message.

Holly Mee said...

this is clever, like you said firstly the bulb then the noose and both images tie in with the copy at the bottom of the poster.