Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Latin & Arabic

Was brushing my teeth that night, something caught my eyes. An interesting typography for the toothpaste Crest that I used that night. The logo adapted to Arabic letters.

Brand in the Middle East are required by law to display both Latin and Arabic on their products. What is really interesting is to see how usual occidental brands are adapted into Arabic lettering. Its not always a success. Which I think its quite a brand problem and less a typographical problem.

The worst problem is when Arabic typography follow the Latin's in term of branding and style and its not always a well designed to be enough legible for Arabic. And some match perfectly the brand and style but even so not legible in Arabic or even in Latin. Say if it was Arabic branding then convert it to Latin's.

The best is when the Arabic versions are legible and still gives the style, brand and weight of the original Latin. For example the 7up logo.

Here are some examples I've collected.

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